Rick was inspired to found Cricket Hill in 2000 after several business trips to London where he enjoyed several famous London pubs and trips to California where he first encountered an American style microbrewery. Along with his wife Patti, Rick decided to start a brewery in New Jersey, found a location in Fairfield and filed for the Federal Brewer's license on May 15, 2001.

The only thing left to complete the brewery license was the FBI background checks on Patti and Rick but four months later it was September 11th, 2001. Needless to say, approving paperwork was not high on the FBI's priority list!

Meanwhile, Rick attended the American Brewers Guild brewing school and set about starting Cricket Hill Brewing Co. Inc. The brew house, tanks, bottling line, cold box and other essential equipment was purchased and installed. 

Rick and Patti patiently waited a full year from the move in date until they were permitted to brew. The silver lining? They used this time waiting to fine tune the recipes for East Coast Lager, Cricket Hill's best selling beer and American Ale! Once the license was approved, Rick hired a brewer and Cricket Hill started to produce beer.  

Cricket Hill and East Coast Lager just celebrates their 18th birthday in 2019. What a wild ride with some of the nicest people on Earth!