Mark Ryan caught the craft beer bug early; while in college in Philadelphia, he became jaded by all of the mass produced, seemingly tasteless, macro-beer. One beer seemed just as bland and indistinguishable as all of the others; for Mark, there just had to be another way. Luckily enough, the craft beer scene in Philadelphia was thriving. After his first pilgrimage to Monk's Café (one of the best craft beer bars in the country) he knew there was no turning back. Mark spent the rest of college drinking in Philly craft beer. He found that a case of local craft beer was worth stretching his budget.

It was also around this time that Mark started home-brewing. He received his first extract recipe and home-brew kit as a Christmas present. He quickly realized that home-brewing would allow him to enjoy craft beer without breaking the bank of a poor college student. Mark ended up majoring in food marketing, so that he could learn specialized business information and skills about the food industry in general, as well as give him an excuse to study the beer industry. After many pints, and a couple of successful home-brews, Mark graduated from St. Joseph's University with a bachelor's degree in food marketing.

Upon graduating, Mark returned home to Maplewood, NJ. After a stint as a salesman, he decided that he wanted to break into the brewing industry, and pursue his passion for craft beer professionally. When Mark reached out to Cricket Hill, he was offered a position as an unpaid intern, and he jumped at the opportunity. In the summer of 2013, he started interning, and has since worked his way up from "unpaid intern" to where he is today: "Cellarman & Brewer." His favorite beer made at Cricket Hill is the "Jersey Devil Imperial Red." He is very glad to work with such great people, and he is looking forward to growing the Cricket Hill brand, and introducing new and exciting beers for consumers to savor.