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Cricket Hill is a microbrewery based in Fairfield, NJ, offering some of the finest beers ever made on the planet earth!!! Our beers are all designed as full bodied, session beers that deliver classic flavors... Enjoy!!!

Enjoy yourself as you peruse our website. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us...


News From The New Jersey Beer Community - With the NJ law signed on 9/21/12 - Cricket Hill can now sell cases, kegs, and growler fills Monday - Friday... Stop by & pick up yours today!!!

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Great read about Cricket Hill from northjersey.com - “I don’t enter these beers in contests, but it’s winning the hearts of fans,” said Rick Reed, owner of Fairfield’s Cricket Hill Brewery...

- The Record Newspaper

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...and remember, our Bourbon Barrel Reserve Ales are just part of our incredible selection of some of the finest beers ever made on the Planet Earth!!! Visit "Our Beers" and find out!!!

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