Andy’s love for well-crafted beer began during a visit to Munich, Germany while playing for his college’s varsity soccer team. He didn’t realize it at the time, but a sight seeing tour to a local German Biergarten on the outskirts of the city during the late summer months would forever give him his first tastes of what locally brewed beer using natural ingredients can taste like. This unplanned encounter in the heart of Germanic beer tradition would forever stay dear to him. 

After completing his undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree from Muhlenberg College, Andy worked for 2 years in the corporate accounting desk of a food supplier and manufacturing company in New Jersey. By day he worked on spreadsheets in an office environment and by night slowly cultivated his love for beer and began to brew at his home in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey. Not satisfied by home brewing 1-gallon batches in his family’s retired cooking pots, Andy realized that brewing was the culmination of many areas of interest to him – cuisine, chemistry, technology - and decided to dedicate his time and energy to the pursuit of brewing on a commercial scale.

Andy quickly made it his goal to surround himself with like-minded professionals in the industry. He visited Cricket Hill and soon felt a connection to the people there that seemed to agree that making good beer using traditional brewing methods was a very important task. He started to volunteer his time at the 15 BBL brewhouse and just could not stop wanting to learn new things. His time there soon lead to a paid position which now involves assisting in cellaring, cleaning, and packaging functions at one of New Jersey’s original production microbreweries. 

While at Cricket Hill, he has completed the World Brewing Academy’s Online Concise Course in Brewing Technology through Siebel Institute in Chicago. His favorite everyday beer is East Coast Lager, which he often holds in high regard as one of his favorite examples of what a clean, crisp, Helles Lager should really taste like. He hopes the popularity of craft beer will continue to grow amongst the masses in New Jersey, which just like Cricket Hill, is a place unlike any other and must be visited in order to fully appreciate.  Cheers.